A Small Business With a Big Heart

Tammy’s Story

cropped-thebee.pngEverything Bling is a small business with a big heart, devoted to supporting our schools, sports teams, charities, and customizing jewelry for all occasions. Our bling is crafted with the finest Swarovski Crystals. Designed by Tammy Reid, wife of former Eagles coach Andy Reid (currently Head Coach of Kansas City Chiefs), mother of five, and Fashionista, Everything Bling wants to help the world shine, one piece of “bling” at a time.

“Being the wife of a professional football coach and the proud mother of three football players, I often found myself among the most enthusiastic supporters cheering on the sidelines. That enthusiasm led me to become passionate about raising money to help support the various teams my family became involved with. Everything Bling is a direct result of my enthusiastic passion and has resulted in a wonderful way for all people to show their support too!”